Nick Mosby campaign faults Catherine Pugh

Mosby takes swing at Pugh over transportation plans for Baltimore.

City Councilman Nick J. Mosby’s mayoral campaign took a swing Wednesday at Democratic challenger state Sen. Catherine E. Pugh, accusing her of political pandering.

Mosby’s campaign spokeswoman Tiffany D. Cross faulted Pugh for “standing with Governor [Larry] Hogan in October after he killed Baltimore’s Red line” while the General Assembly’s Democratic leaders detailed plans this week to restrict the Republican governor’s power to decide what transportation projects to fund.

Hogan unveiled a plan in October to spend $135 million to improve Baltimore’s bus system with 12 high-frequency routes. The announcement followed news of his decision to cancel plans for the $2.9 billion Red Line light rail project.

“It will take more than political pandering and old ideas to build a better Baltimore,” Cross said in a statement. "It will take new leadership and the courage to demand more from our partners in Annapolis.”

Pugh, the Senate majority leader, fired back saying “I didn’t pass 150 pieces of legislation” without knowing how to work with officials on the local, state and national levels. She said Baltimore’s mayor must have a relationship with the governor.

“To get these things done, it’s not about shunning leadership, it’s about learning how to work with them,” Pugh said. “I am focused on getting things done.”

Pugh said she believes a rapid bus system is a “wonderful opportunity” that should be explored.

Mosby's campaign singled out Pugh in the statement, but noted that other Democrats running for mayor attended also Hogan’s announcement in October, including former Mayor Sheila Dixon and City Councilman Carl Stokes.

"Catherine Pugh can’t have it both ways," Cross said. "She either supports a comprehensive transportation system for Baltimore or she’s for Governor Hogan’s bus plan."

The attack from the Mosby campaign came shortly before he announced plans to release details on his transportation and economic development platform.

Mosby will discuss his strategy Thursday for public transportation, workforce development and business growth.

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