exploring meta-meetup of 11,000 Tech Meetup organizers, the popular site for people to organize meetups through the Web, has a lot of tech-related events that organizers host through its site. Not a surprise.

Indeed, in Baltimore alone, there are 10 tech-related meetups alone. And, nationwide, the website is host to 11,000 tech meetups. Techies like to meet up, get sponsors to buy pizza, and network and share ideas on everything from social media to better coding.

So, it seems like a smart idea -- and perhaps a possible revenue generator for -- that the website is testing the waters for an "uber" meetup of tech event organizers.

I run the Baltimore Tech Parents Meetup, and today, I received this message from Meetup in my inbox:

11,000 Tech Meetup Organizers like you help shape the tech community across the U.S., but there has never before been a chance to get all of you together to connect, share expertise, and have fun.

We’re considering putting on the first official gathering of Tech Meetup Organizers. Attendance would be free. For that to happen, we need to gauge your interest and find out what’s important to you!

Please influence the future of the Tech Meetup community by answering a few questions.

I emailed the folks at Meetup about their plans, and they're not yet ready to comment publicly about them. So, I guess I'll go fill out the survey and let them know what I think about the idea.

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