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Grilling 24x7: Cheesy cheese stuffed cheeseburgers

by John Thomas
Grilling 24x7

April 17, 2010

If you want a good cheesy juicy burger on the grill here's the recipe for you. This burger is stuffed with cheese and soaked in Worcestershire sauce; you can't beat it!

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Cheesy cheese stuffed cheeseburgers


Hamburger Buns
Grill Mates Montreal Seasoning
Worcestershire sauce
Ground Beef (80% lean)
Muenster cheese
Cheddar cheese


1. To make this burger you need to flatten the burger patty, form a bowl with it in your hands, stuff it with cheese and then close the bowl.

The bowl is formed by using my hands and then I stuffed the bowl with both muenster cheese and sharp cheddar cheese. *You can actually use any cheeses that you like in this burger. But I love the way the muenster cheese melts.

The trick here is to keep the same thickness of meat above and below the cheese. This will ensure even cooking and it will help keep the cheese inside the burger during cooking. If you place the cheese too much towards the top of the burger, it will spill out on the grill and you will have too much meat on the bottom. It gets easier with practice, trust me.

2. When the burger patties are formed sit them on a plate and liberally sprinkle Grill Mates Montreal Seasoning all over the burger. Take the Worcestershire sauce and pour it over the top of the burgers -- make sure you really soak the burgers! This is a perfect stopping point. You can refrigerate the burgers for as long as you like (up to 4 hours) and they'll be ready to grill when you take them out of the fridge.

3. I make some pretty monster sized burgers so I normally make a medium heat fire because they need a little time to cook. If you have a high heat you may sear the outside but the cheese may not melt too well and you can burn the tops/bottoms. I go with a medium heat and let them sit on there long enough to get a little color on the top and bottom.

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