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Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Ralph Rodriguez, guitar and vocals; Ray Dobson, vocals; Dave Dobson, drums; Jason Fubler, guitar; Frank Hernandez, bass

Founded in: 2003

Style: honest, melodic rock

Influenced by: Juliana Theory, 311, Notorious B.I.G., Kanye West

Notable: 311's drummer, Chad Sexton, mixed Monarchs of a Fallen Society, the band's second album. Rodriguez said they were careful not to make the tracks too thick with overdub after overdub. Instead, they opted for harmonies and guitar tracks that they can reproduce live, he said.

Quotable: "We've always made it a point that if we're going to do something, we want to be able to replicate it live," Rodriguez said. "We wanted to make a straightforward rock record [em dash] not overproduced, not too many effects anywhere, not anything that lavish. We bill ourselves as a live band."

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--Sam Sessa

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