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Lil B gets extra felonious on 'Bill Bellamy'

As far as I can tell (read: I searched on Google for 15 seconds), Bill Bellamy (of "Def Jam's How to Be a Player" fame) has a clean record. So did Lil B dedicate a whole song to the ex-MTV VJ because his last name kinda (OK, not really) rhymes with "felony"? I doubt anyone keeping up with the Based God's on-the-whim memes would be surprised. Still, this song jams thanks largely to its nonsensical hook, a countdown first to seven and then finished at 10 of serious crimes under the rapper's belt (doubting the validity of that as well). B earned some credibility with his latest album, the focused (at least for him) I'm Gay, thanks to its optimistic couplets and penchant for soul-sampling beats. Was Lil B turning serious, using "Wonton Soup" and "Pretty B----" as low-hanging bait? No, says "Bill Bellamy" and that balance -- at times discordant, other times weirdly brilliant -- only works in his favor.

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