Jon Stewart renews war with 'crybabies' at Fox News

Jon Stewart's war with Chris Wallace and Fox News is still raging on. Stewart returned to his favorite target last night, insisting that Fox apologize for its 21 false statements as documented by PolitiFact. 

He also alleged Fox engages in a double standard, in which commentary that favors Democrats is considered part of a vast left-wing conspiracy, while analysis that favors Republicans is seen as evidence of fairness. 

In the end, Stewart argued, Fox's complaints about liberal bias in the media are nothing more than embracing a position of victimhood. 

He then said Wallace aptly described Fox's mentality when he criticized the Obama administration with these words: "They are the biggest bunch of crybabies I've dealt with in my 30 years in Washington." 

The clip is below: 

The Daily Show - Oh, for Fox Sake
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