Howard County property tax database available

Prepare for a whole lot more numbers. We’ve added to our collection of property tax databases the information for another county: Howard. This searchable database harbors records reflecting the bills for the tax year ending June 30, 2012.

There are a variety of search options (owner name, address, city, etc.). Use the sliders in the advanced search to narrow down the field but be careful – even with 94,479 records, twisting too many knobs may leave you with no results. To view the database in its entirety, simply make a blank search.

Some notes thus far: The Mall in Columbia is, perhaps unsurprisingly, listed with highest assessed value (one that is more than 60 percent higher than the next highest). A little more than 82 percent of the properties are inhabited by families (“principal residence”), which is roughly 30% higher than in Baltimore City.

For clarity, “Front Foot Sewer” and “Front Foot Water” indicate charges for extending those respective lines to the property.

Please let us know if anything else strikes you or if certain categories merit more explanation

Howard County’s Bureau of Revenue provided the data.  Patrick Maynard oversaw this project.



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