How to get the most out of upcoming Baltimore-area bridal expos

This time of year is filled with bridal expos and events around Maryland. Featuring vendors for everything you could possibly ever need, these expos can be great for a planning bride, but can also be a little overwhelming.

As we enter the expo season, here are some tips from a bride who has survived her fair share of bridal expos.

  • NEVER skip the cake vendors and caterers. Expos are the only place where you can taste from multiple vendors all in one place, while also getting face time with the staff and pricing info. If you're on a short timeline or don't want to deal with setting up multiple tastings, expos are the perfect place to streamline the process.
  • Always stop by the stationery displays. These are like Pinterest in real life! You'll find inspiration and ideas you never would have thought of.
  • Don't waste time looking through viewbooks at the photographer tables. They should always have a blog or very interactive website where they showcase their work and it's something you can easily look through at home. This will save you a lot of time at the event.
  • If you already have your venue picked, skip the wedding planners. Most venues offer a wedding consultant/planner, at least for the day of, so you don't need to spend extra for this, unless you're looking for someone to help with everything from start to finish.
  • Make sure to take note of the display the deejays set up at the event. Not that you want to judge a book by the cover but the way they present themselves at the expo will be a preview to the way they'll be at your event.
  • Don't take a big entourage with you. Too many opinions and hands pulling you in multiple directions will cloud your focus and you'll leave not knowing what you saw.
  • Always take the free things and brochures, especially for honeymoon ideas. These are great to look at when you get home with your fiancé.
  • Speaking of your fiancé ... don't take him with you! It will just be torture for you both.
  • Most of all, keep an open mind at these events! You never know what you might see that will spark a new idea. And who knows, you may even find a vendor or two that you really like.

Be sure to put these upcoming expos on your calendar and check online to see if they're offering any discounts on tickets:

T Rose International Bridal Show: Dec. 9

Maryland Bridal Expo: Jan. 5

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Bridal Show: Jan. 5

Great Bridal Expo: Jan. 6

Baltimore Museum of Industry's Annual Bridal Show: Jan. 8

Charm City Marriage Expo: Jan. 13

Turf Valley Bridal Extravaganza: Jan. 18

Baltimore Bride Magazine's Aisle Style: Jan. 27, March 24

Baltimore Bridal Show: Feb. 2-3



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