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Hail to the chief band-helper: Rep. Donna Edwards

Former President Bill Clinton often jokes that the most disorienting thing about transitioning out of the presidency is that a band no longer strikes up a tune every time he enters a room. 

 Rep. Donna F. Edwards had the opposite and no doubt equally disorienting experience last weekend when high school musicians began playing for her as she stepped off a plane at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

According to the office of Michigan Rep. John Dingell, the Wyandotte Roosevelt High School Marching Band showed up at the airport Saturday to surprise the Prince George’s County Democrat and thank her for help she provided more than two years ago during the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

At that time, according to Dingell’s office, the band was asked to play in Obama’s inaugural parade. But the group couldn’t find hotel rooms in Washington. The school contacted Dingell’s office and he reached out to Edwards, who helped secure some space for the students – as well as sleeping bags and an ironing board – at a high school in her district.

Edwards was in Michigan to speak at a Washtenaw County Democratic Club dinner.

(My friend and colleague John Fritze, The Sun's Washington correspondent, sent that report. Thanks, John! LV) 

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