Trimmings in style

Sun Staff

Move over, red glass globes. Wood, wool, silk, feathers - the list of materials used to construct Christmas tree ornaments is long and impressive. Whether your home is crammed with Victoriana or is starkly Bauhaus, you can find ornaments to complement your decor.

Delectable: Foil-wrapped eggs of solid milk chocolate are a treat for the eye and the palate. $45 for a set of four, each 4 ounces, at

Dreamlike: A shimmering blown-glass apple, pear and cluster of grapes might bring on visions of sugarplums. $18 for a set of three at

Earthy: The images on handcrafted Woodland Eggs, made in Frederick, are created using leaves and natural dyes. $21 for a set of three at

Fashionable: Designer Michael Simon, long known for his distinctive knitwear, brings his art to the Christmas tree. $65 for the gift-boxed "Poinsettia" set or about $25 individually at Saks Fifth Avenue stores and; for other store locations, call 888-258-5528 or visit

Beneficial: Hand-woven and -dyed silk ornaments from Cambodia are produced through an economic empowerment program for families in that nation. $29.95 for a set of three stars at, the Web site of the Washington National Cathedral.

Glamorous: Add a touch of Jean Harlow to the holidays with marabou-trimmed ornaments. $15 each (yellow, green or purple) at

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