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Herman Cain falsely claims Obama was 'raised in Kenya'

Herman Cain has made a lot of waves in the GOP race for the White House lately. He's gone from a virtual unknown with a record of losing elections to one of the top three or four candidates in the race, largely on the strength of his performance at the first GOP debate. (I do not share this view of Cain's performance, but many Republican voters apparently disagree with me.) 

Even though Cain has impressed many, he often shows his ignorance on important issues, such as having no plan for Afghanistan, dabbling in birtherism, not understanding the "Right of Return" for Palestinians, and, now, claiming President Barack Obama was "raised in Kenya." 

This latest gaffe comes from an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg of Bloomberg, which you can read in its entirety here

“Barack Obama is more of an international,” Cain said. “I think he’s out of the mainstream and always has been. Look, he was raised in Kenya, his mother was white from Kansas and her family had an influence on him, it’s true, but his dad was Kenyan, and when he was going to school he got a lot of fellowships, scholarships, he stayed in the academic environment for a long time. He spent most of his career as an intellectual.” ... But I suggested to Cain that while Obama had, in fact, spent four years of his youth abroad, it was in Indonesia, not Kenya. To which Cain, who has dallied with the fading phenomenon known as “birtherism,” responded, “Yeah, Indonesia.”

Maybe Cain simply misspoke? I hope that's the case. But more and more, he's showing a propensity to talk about issues he either doesn't fully understand or has no clue about. If he wants to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, he needs to take a crash course on foreign policy and learn a lot more about his potential opponent, Obama. Spreading more birther and xenophobic nonsense around is not what this race needs. 

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