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Q&A with Sun reporter in Washington

SunSpot Staff

WILM: There's a meeting today and tomorrow between President Bush andBritish Prime Minister Tony Blair. What do expect them to talk about?

DAVID GREENE: The biggest thing for Tony Blair right now is whether he canget President Bush to allow the United Nations and other countries inEurope to play a significant role in a post-war Iraq. There's a lot ofconcern among European countries that the United States is going to try togo it alone, occupy the country and control that country's future.

WILM: It's said that the U.S. has gone the extra mile with the U.N. to givecover to Tony Blair. Then again, Britain and the U.S. were unsuccessful ingetting another U.N. Security Council resolution passed. Do you get asense that the White House is going to want to go the extra mile this time,considering the British have so far suffered disproportionate casualties?

DG: It's really hard to say right now. Keeping Blair on board is criticalfor the Bush administration, so they're going to do anything they can tosay, "You're the Prime Minister. What do you want?" The administrationwants to mend the rift between the United States and Europe, but at thesame time, there's an interest in having the most control over the countrywhen the war is done. So it will be interesting to see whether Blair hasthe persuasive powers he needs.

WILM: Do you think the Bush administration fears that the internationalcommunity will repudiate and humiliate the U.S. for it's unilaterist movesin this war?

DG: At least in public, the president has talked about -- despite hisfrustrations with the France and other countries that opposed him in thewar -- that he wants to give them a role through the United Nations oncewe're talking about humanitarian aid once the war's over and we're talkingabout a new government for the country. We'll really see if he stands byhis word in the end. But he certainly says for now that he wants to giveFrance and others a role again.

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