Being a wife will be nice, but I also still need to be a daughter, sister and many other things

It is just under a year until our wedding, and I can’t help but think about how things will change or how things will stay the same. Sure, we will file our taxes differently and my name will change but what will the main differences be?

I think it’s important to hold on to those who are closest to me now. I know this can be hard wihen starting new families but it is so important.  I may become a wife but I’ll still be a daughter, I’ll still be a sister, I’ll still be a friend. So many people let marriage change all of this and exclude themselves from others or only want to be with their significant others, and, to me, this is just unacceptable. The people that are a part of my life now are the ones who have shaped and made me the way that I am. If I were to stop seeing these people, I would not only be losing them but pieces of myself as well. 

As a married couple I think it’s important to make time for date nights but also to save nights to hang out with friends. I also believe our families should be equally important to us as a couple, and we need to see them both as often as the other. I know this sounds easier than it is, I’m sure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try.  If we aren’t able to maintain these relationships just being married then we are really going to struggle when we add kids into the picture. 


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