Fox hires Obama impersonator to debate Ron Paul

In the annals of surreal television, John Stossel's show the other night had to be one of the weirdest. Instead of simply interviewing Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul about his positions, Fox hired an impersonator of President Barack Obama to debate Paul. Just surreal.

The actor did a nice job, but what, exactly, was the point of this activity? 

If it was supposed to prove that Paul can beat a fake Obama in a debate, I suppose it did that. But it didn't prove that Paul could beat the real Obama in a debate. So why do it? 

I like Paul's entrance in the GOP race. I think he widens the debate and brings a unique perspective that challenges the big-government, militaristic approach of many Republicans. But he should have passed on this fake debate and left arguing with straw men to characters in an Ayn Rand novel. 

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