Former Gov. Ehrlich ready with new book

Former Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. is joining the legions of politicians who have penned books to advance their political ideas -- and careers. (Remember a not-so-well-known politician named Barack Obama and his 2004 book, "Dreams from My Father"?)

The Baltimore Sun's Jean Marbella writes that Ehrlich hopes his book, “Turn This Car Around,”  will give him a bigger profile. “The book is not for a Maryland audience,” Ehrlich, a Republican, told The Sun on Tuesday. “It was written with a national perspective in mind.”

Here's more from Marbella's story: Ehrlich has lined up appearances on cable shows such as Sean Hannity, Morning Joe and Fox and Friends in advance of the book’s Dec. 6 release date. The book joins an increasingly crowded shelf of other volumes written by current, former and aspiring GOP officeholders, with Ehrlich using his experiences in Maryland as a way of taking on what he calls the liberal media, the multicultural police and those who play the race card.

The book, published by a small, Dallas-based company, BenBella Books, revisits Ehrlich’s triumphs and frustrations as a Republican state delegate, congressman and governor in "dark blue" Maryland. He details how he believes his unsuccessful 2010 bid to reclaim the governor’s office was "swamped" by a large turnout of black voters angered by what they considered a racist Tea Party. ...

Ehrlich said he envisions the book as a "road map" for an administration of Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor whom he supports for 2012 — it’s even on the cover as its subtitle, “The Road Map to Restoring America.” It was a way of keeping a voice in the politics even after his electoral losses in Maryland, he said.

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