Fireworks safety tips for the Fourth of July

The Baltimore Sun

It's a little over a week until Fourth of July, but it's not too soon to remind ourselves about fireworks safety tips.

Jack Leonard of Lutherville, the vice president of the National Council on Fireworks Safety, wrote a list of general fireworks safety tips, which you can read here

But even if you aren't setting off fireworks and are just watching a display, there can be risks, especially of hearing damage, for kids.

Here are some Independence Day safety tips from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in Rockville:

Sit at least 500 feet from where the fireworks are launched. Fireworks noise for spectators 800 feet away ranges from 88 to 126 decibels. But from 10 feet away, it’s 155 decibels — louder than a military jet takeoff.

If you notice ringing or buzzing in your ears, move farther away.

Bring earplugs for every family member. You can find them at many drug stores or sporting goods stores for just for a few dollars or less. (For children under 7 or 8, these earplugs may be too big, so consider using child-size earmuffs. Ear protection must fit properly in order to provide protection.)

We were thinking about taking our kids to see fireworks this Fourth, but it looks like I'll be working. Maybe next year.

How do your kids handle the noise and spectacle of fireworks? Any tips for a first-timer?

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