Fells Point

If the Inner Harbor embodies everything touristy and typical about the city, then Fells Point is almost the exact opposite. Fells exudes history and small-town charm with independent bars and eateries -- as well as eclectic specialty shops -- lining cobblestone streets. More...

  • Obscured hours

    Obscured hours

    Parking machine vandalism has motorists paying extra

  • City park is fenced in

    Work resumes on fixing up playground in Fells Point

  • Peter's Inn knows gourmet comfort food

    Peter's Inn knows gourmet comfort food

    I last ate at Peter's Inn in 1993. It was still calling itself a biker's bar, although maybe with a wink, and I described the food as "home-cooked with a little pizazz." A couple of years later, Bud Tiffany and his wife, Karin, who was working in the kitchen at the time, bought the place from owner...

  • Yoga with attitude

    Yoga with attitude

    A former pro wrestler's 'regular guys' exercise regimen helped an Anne Arundel man lose 184 pounds

  • Flavorful, elegant fare at Fin Steak & Seafood

    Flavorful, elegant fare at Fin Steak & Seafood

    I admit that I didn't go into Fin with as open a mind as I should have. I just thought the restaurant's full name, Fin Steak & Seafood, was weird. Shouldn't it be Fin Seafood? Or if beef is an important part of your raison d'etre, shouldn't you call yourself something other than Fin? But as somebody...