Facebook launches App Center to help you find the best mobile apps

People who use mobile apps often complain that there's far too many in the Apple or Android app stores and it's hard to find the best ones. 

It's a real problem that Facebook, apparently, is hoping to solve. Today, the company said it's launching its App Center to help people find the best apps. The center features apps from the Apple and Android stores, with personalized recommendations and awareness of what apps your friends are using.

Facebook is basically acting as the referrer to apps on the Apple or Android platform. But it could become an important new way for people to discover new apps. You'll find the App Center option in the iPhone and Android mobile apps as well as on Facebook.com.

Developers are also eyeing Facebook's App Center (I'm one of them) because there's so much competition in the main app stores that it's hard to get discovered and gain traction. 

It will definitely be an interesting experiment, seeing if Facebook can suddenly start ramping up as a major referrer of mobile/web app activity. It's a strategy that could pay off for Facebook in the future, if it ever does indeed launch its own (rumored) Facebook smartphone.

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