Download this: Neon Indian's 'Fallout'

"Chillwave" is not a taboo word around these parts, so if you download only one song today, make it Neon Indian's latest, "Fallout." Chillwave-detractors will laugh at this but it's true: frontman Alan Palomo shows growth on "Fallout" by finding structure in his songwriting. Where some of his tracks have felt directionless, "Fallout" floats along with a purpose, leading to the song's repeated mantra: "If I could fallout of love with you / I want to fallout of love with you." Psychic Chasms, his first album, made him the poster boy of a genre, but it only hinted at Palomo's deft hand. "Fallout," on the other hand, makes good on the promise. Era Extraña comes out Sept. 13. For a smart essay on chillwave, read Nitsuh Abebe's Why We Fight #16.


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