Another missive from David Simon

And now, a follow-up email from David Simon:

Comments no longer appear on my screen, or on my wife's, or on the office computer.  Nor is there a link to comments, which appeared there yesterday evening.  Very strange.  I've tried to call it up on three separate computers and no link.  If they are back now, they are back after an absence.  I haven't checked.

As to your characterization of your item and its intent, Ms. Vozzella, I can't agree.  By omission, you have implied, with all vigor, that I have let the MacArthur stuff go to my head and have made a demand of the AG that is steeped in arrogance.  If you cited the tenor of his remarks, you would have undercut your premise.  If you acknowledged the obvious:  That I certainly can't believe U.S. policy is affected by the future of a TV show, you undercut your premise.  If you acknowledge for a moment that The Wire actually did make these very arguments about the drug war, you make clear that it is actually an entirely reasonable and expected thing for the writer to bring up those arguments when the AG choses to demand more of the same.  That, too, undercuts your premise.

But you wanted your premise.  It is, by omission, not a particularly honest way of doing business. And frankly, it is business done not because it represents an accurate news report of the dynamic between the AG and myself.  It is business done because you have not left prior issues between us behind.   At this point, this is expected, but wearying nonetheless, because the net effect is that the Baltimore Sun eschews an actual discussion of the issue at hand, choosing instead a diet of personal snark.

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