Shoppers will spend $73, on average, on Halloween costumes and candy

 Consumers will likely spend more on candy and costumes for Halloween than last year, about $73, on average, a new survey shows.

That compares to $69 per order last year.

And a quarter of those surveyed by will start shopping early next month, rather than waiting until closer to Oct. 31. Nearly a fifth of consumers have already shopped for Halloween, the survey showed.

If back-to-school sales are any indication, retailers expecting slow sales will be likely to discount heavily, said Steve Schaffer, CEO of Austin, Texas-based, a website that connects consumers to deals from more than 5,500 online stores and brands.

"Back-to-school sales were a bit of a bust," Schaffer said in a statement. "Some of the major chains are adjusting their sales projections downward for the season ahead."

Thirty seven percent of respondents said they will spend more on children’s items, while 28 percent said they will spend more on merchandise for adults. Schaffer said holiday creep affects more than just Christmas, and Halloween merchandise is already out in the stores.

 "Kids are looking for costumes that spin off the hottest superheroes from the summer box office," Schaffer said.


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