Selecting a new supermarket

In the Baltimore area, some Superfresh stores have already been sold and some await their fate, as Andrea Walker told us earlier this week. In some parts of the country other shops owned by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. are also being closed, which upset this blogger for ShopSmart magazine.

She offered advice that could help those of you who might be shopping for a new supermarket, including supermarket food safety tips via the Arkansas Cooperative Extension. The suggestions are pretty straightforward, including avoiding produce sections with buzzing flies, meat counters with dripping packaging and seafood areas where items aren't being kept on ice.

How do you judge whether a grocery store is worthy of feeding you and your family?

Personally I buy food at several different places, depending on what I need, what day it is and where I will be -- and I would guess that many others in this town do the same thing, given the wide variety of options.

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