Save on pet medicines by shopping around

Pet owners: you can shop around for prescription medication for your companion animal.

As discussed in my story today, under Maryland regulations a vet must give you a written copy of any prescription he or she is willing to fill him- or herself.

It might require a conversation with your pet's veterinarian --- they're not required to give you a prescription until you ask. And you might find that the vet is willing to match prices you find online or at local drugstores.

That's right --- local drugstores! You don't necessarily have to go to one of the online pharmacies you hear advertised. Some, like Walgreens, will even let you add your pet as a family member on drug discount plans, according to Consumer Reports.

You might not always have the time to comparison shop, if your pet needs the medicine in an emergency. But for drugs Fluffy needs regularly, it could lead to big savings over time.

If you do shop online, be sure to go to an accredited veterinary pharmacy, recommends the FDA.


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