Consumer website of the week: For those with Groupon regrets

Groupon regrets? 

It was just a matter of time before a secondary market sprung up for daily deal vouchers. Sites now allow you to dump a deal you regret buying, or shop for one that you missed out on.

One site,, says up to 20 percent of pre-paid coupons go unused. Sellers who unload an unused deal on Lifesta will pay 99 cents plus a fee equal to 8 percent of selling price. Lifesta promises to refund buyers’ money if they purchase a voucher that expires within 60 days.

Of course, bargain hunters should shop around to other sites to find out the best deal for them.

DealsGoRound charges a 10 percent fee if you successfully sell a deal on the site.

Meanwhile says it doesn’t charge a fee. "The site is offered for free as a service to the deals community. We derive no revenue from it," co-founder Aren Sandersen said in an email.

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