Maryland receives $717,000 to help consumers with health care decisions

Maryland’s Health Education and Advocacy Unit received $717,000 through the health care act to help residents here navigate insurance choices and resolve coverage disputes.

The unit is one of the good consumer protections in Maryland. And it doesn't seem like many people know about. The unit was created in the mid-1980s to help Marylanders with health care billing disputes. Now it also assists when insurance companies refuse to cover a medical procedure or to negotiate refunds if your medical equipment is faulty.

The unit falls under the attorney general’s office. The AG says the unit has received $1.48 million in grant money from he Affordable Care Act. So far, it has used the money to hire staff to handle cases and work with consumers.

If you need assistance from the unit, you can call 410-528-1840 or 877-261-8807. Or, check it out online.




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