Kiplinger: Baltimore one of the best cities for singles

Baltimore ranks among the top 10 cities for singles, according to Kiplinger.

The personal finance magazine rated cities on whether household income exceeded the national average of $49,536; the percentage of singles in the city -- must exceed the national average of 49.4 percent -- and the average price of a date night that entails two movie tickets and a bottle of wine. Singles don't eat on dates?

Not sure if cities were ranked in order, although Kiplinger listed Baltimore as No. 4. The average median household income here is $66,195, and the percentage unmarried households amounted to 52.9 percent. And the average date night cost $28.75.

Other cities on the list include Los Angeles, New York and Ann Arbor, Mich.

So let's hear it singles: Is Baltimore a great place to be single?

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