IRS closed today

As part of the sequester to cut federal spending, the IRS will be closed today. Offices, toll-free hotlines, the taxpayer advocate service and hundreds of taxpayer assistance centers — closed.

Workers at the agency won’t be paid.

This is the first of several days in which IRS employees will be furloughed. The others are June 14, July 5, July 22 and Aug. 30. The IRS notes it might later announce another unpaid day or two.

During these days, the IRS won’t be accepting any electronically filed returns. The closings won’t affect tax deadlines, including any payment deadlines for employment and excise tax deposits by businesses, the agency said.  

However, you will get more time if you are required to provide documents to the IRS and the deadline falls on a furlough day. Those with a deadline today to file documents will have until Tuesday, May 28 to get their info in because of Monday’s holiday. When the document deadline falls on any other furlough day, you’ll have until the next business day to get that paperwork in.




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