One more no-haggle car-buying tip

This weekend I wrote about tips for buying a car, including hiring a non-profit to do the negotiating for you. Reader Terry Shepard offered another no-haggle tip:

“…There is (or at least used to be) one additional way to avoid haggling on car purchases. AAA and many college alumni associations have deals where one can tell a dealer the exact model and equipment desired on a new vehicle and get the fleet price. While it may not be the absolute lowest price one could negotiate, it is pretty low and reassures the buyer that he/she did not get taken.”

Thanks, Terry.

Another suggestion:  The Federal Trade Commission says it is now on a fact-finding mission to uncover the consumer experience of buying, leasing and financing a car. The agency is deciding whether current regulations do enough to protect consumer or if more is needed.

You can weigh in by submitting comments to the FTC online.

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