Readers respond to business bias against unemployed workers

My column on Sunday about employers only wanting to hire workers who already have a job — or are only recently unemployed — hit a nerve with some readers.

Ron wrote: “I am alarmed at your column, but not surprised.  I have heard that companies are 'de facto' discriminating against the unemployed and that having a presence on LinkedIn and Twitter [and Facebook] are important in searching for a job.”

 Gene C. is an employer and has an entirely different viewpoint: “As an employer who has trouble finding hard working and professional minded employees even in today's economic climate, I read your article with a bit of disbelief.  My company owns and manages apartments.  We continue to have trouble finding employees who are ready, willing and able to work.

“At the York property this week, we offered the tech position, which pays $15 per hour, to a gentleman who we were very excited to hire.  Ready for this - he turned us down because unemployment pays him the same.  I wish I could say this was rare occurrence.  However, this is a constant refrain we hear when hiring in York.

 In juxtaposition, the San Antonio applicants have been far more ready, willing and able to work.  Our Texan applicants are far superior in every sense.   Ready for this - they can't wait to get off unemployment.

I believe our very different experiences is cultural.  Texans view collecting an unemployment check as a form of welfare and work - even if it's a perceived step back - is more honorable.”

What do you think? Are companies biased against the unemployed or are the jobless comfortable on unemployment in certain states?

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