Do you have what it takes to get a credit card from Barney's or Victoria's Secret?

So, do you fit the profile of a Victoria Secret's or WalMart Discover cardholder?

You can find out even before you apply — and before you possibly get rejected —by checking out the new Credit Card Statistics feature from The site has information on dozens of cards and their customers.

At Victoria’s Secret Angel Card, for instance, the average credit score is 658, the typical approved credit limit offered by the lingerie palace is $766 and the annual household income of a card customer runs around $60,006 and the age of the cardholder averages out to 37.

The averages for WalMart Discover cardholders: 702 credit score, $2,982 credit limit, $59,793 household income and age 48.

Here are the cards with the highest averages in the following categories:

Credit limit awarded — PenFed Visa Classic, $15,625

Annual household income — Barney’s New York, $108,179

Credit score — Towers MasterCard, 775

Age of cardholder — Haband, 60

Orchard Bank Visa had the lowest average credit score at 555. It also had one of the lowest credit limits: $339


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