Hampstead Walmart expands with groceries, new layout

The Walmart in Hampstead has expanded with a full line of groceries, a new layout and an updated design.

A grand opening is planned for July 11.

The expansion will add 85 jobs to the store on North Hanover Pike, bringing employment to 290 workers.

 "We have a loyal customer base, and some have been shopping here since our original opening," said Teresa Vaughn, the store manager, adding that the redesign is intended to make the store easier to navigate.

Vaughn said new layout groups together products that shoppers most often purchase. The design incorporates energy-efficient technology to reduce energy and water consumption, such as skylights that harvest daylight and cut energy for lighting by up to 75 percent.

The expansion and redesign is part of a strategy by the discount retailer  to update Walmart stores and merchandise, the company said.


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