Borders liquidation: Cheap Trick Thursday

Liquidation of Borders stores could begin Friday, but shoppers should keep some things in mind before going crazy.

Definitely, if you've been hanging on to some gift cards to either Borders or Waldenbooks, better use them up right away.

And although we always love a bargain, remember that the savings may not actually be that spectacular. Consumer Reports investigations of sales after Circuit City closed found products were cheaper elsewhere. If you have a smart phone, consider downloading a price comparison app so you can scan bar codes of books and other items to see how prices elsewhere on the same item stack up.

One last thing: if you own a Kobo ereader that you purchased from Borders, be sure to transfer your Borders library to a Kobo eBook library asap. Borders sent out an email Wednesday that offered a sweepstakes promotion to motivate folks to take that step.

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