AT&T opens experience store at Mall in Columbia

AT&T will unveil a new retail format -- dubbed the "experience" store -- Tuesday at the Mall in Columbia.

It's the first of its kind in Maryland and the 21st experience store in the U.S. for the wireless and Internet giant.

AT&T says the store will focus on "interactions" rather than "transactions," designed in a three-zone layout highlighting an expanded selection of phones, devices and accessories. The selection will include more colors than at a typical location and include items typically reserved for online ordering only.

"It brings to life AT&T's mission, brand vision and personality," the company says.

There will be no cash registers or checkout counters. Instead, products will be sorted into a music area, a home security zone and other zones, with displays to show how products work at home and the workplace.

 Look for the store in the mall's new plaza between Sears and Restaurant Row.


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