Chi Chi Ray Colby

What does pride mean to you? Pride is a gathering of a community of all denominations no matter of race or orientation. Together we are proud to not only show our diversity, but we pay homage to those of yester-year who have made this possible for us. Although most show their pride all year long, the month of June really not only lets us shine but it brings awareness. What song would you choose to lip sync for your life? "I Surrender" by Celine Dion Who is your favorite beauty icon? Sandra Bullock What beauty accessory can you not live without? Survival is key and to live is to live. Accessories are just material things if they are not there then you move on. (However I must have my Chapstick.) How do you create the perfect drag name? Well there are many methods to picking a name. Some are comedic some are regal. Some are given and some are street names with a pet name... All in all, I say when you hear it said on a microphone, you will know it's the name for you.
Steve Weiner Photography, Baltimore Sun
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