Bring on the bridesmaid dresses

This past weekend my mom, my bridesmaids and I went to pick out the bridesmaid dresses. We allotted about two hours thinking this would be a long and hard process but were in and out in about an hour. 

The key was advance planning. My mom and I went ahead of time and picked out the different options we liked. I tried some on and sent pictures of them to the girls ahead of time. Going into the store Saturday, we already had it narrowed down to two dresses. 

While I gave the girls options of choosing different styles everyone narrowed in on the same dress: Donna Morgan's "Rhea" in Blue Green. It's a one-shoulder chiffon dress with a fit-and-flare silhouette. It couldn’t have worked out any better. I realize that this is not always the case and that some bridesmaids can be more difficult than others. 

I hear so many horror stories about how people get kicked out of weddings or how some girls don’t get along with others, but I think in my case everything is going to turn out just fine. I chose these specific people because they are my closest and best friends. I chose them as my best friends because they are the people who I get along with the best and who are easy-going, just like me. I’m really looking forward to more bridal activities with this special crew of mine. 

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