Bride-to-be is obsessed with wedding blogs

Special to The Baltimore Sun

As is the case with many 20somethings looking to kill some ''down time'' at work, I've developed a pretty healthy relationship with the blogosphere. From daily reads to the love-to-hates, my routine involves a standing date with the half dozen or so on my Rolodex of favorites. These run the gamut from cooking adventures to vapid model types chronicling their daily ''my life is a catwalk'' shtick, to a few truly decent sites where I honestly care about what they have to say.

 Prior to my betrothed status, I would occasionally sneak into the wedding blog world -- quickly exiting before someone yelled ''Imposter!'' in my single face. You can imagine my excitement when I was finally granted access to this private world of the bride-to-be. Within days, I had acquired about 10 more must reads. My boss can thank me later. Many of these blogs are billed as sources of inspiration for crazy people like myself who aspire to have THE BEST WEDDING EVER. And then reality calls.

Visit Style Me Pretty and you can spend hours upon hours scrolling through magazine-quality pictures of beautiful women nonchalantly walking down the aisle in Monique Lhuilleer and Louboutin. Stunning bohemian couples reciting their vowels under a moonlit sky at a friend's 20,000 acre ranch/artisanal cheese shop in Montana. And then it hits you. This isn't wedding inspiration, this is wedding porn! For the few with the money, connections and creativity, this is a reality. But for the rest of us normal folk out there, this is not really an option. I had to realize that my wedding is going to beautiful and unique and filled with love, but not because my bridesmaids and I spent two months hand-dying letterpress invitations.

I won't deny that the healthy dose of Jewish American Princess running through my veins not so secretly dreams of sashaying down the aisle, one red-soled foot in front of the other, but I also know that the success of my marriage doesn't rely on the fact that my shoes cost more than half the mortgage.

For those of you looking to fill a little downtime at work, check out a few more of my favorite over-the-top sites: 100 Layer Cake; Once Wed; and Ruffled.

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