Boykins was a Hampton Roads standout Staff

Bryan Black, the high school sports editor at The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Va., answered two questions about Terps wide receiver commitment Kerry Boykins on Jan. 8.

What are your impressions of Terps wide receiver commitment Kerry Boykins? How is he regarded among Hampton Roads football followers? What do you expect from him in college?

The first word that comes to mind when I think Kerry Boykins is hands. He has tremendous hands. I've been watching high school football in some form or fashion since the 1960s, and he has made some of the most unbelievable catches in high school football games that I've ever seen.

He had a one-handed grab in the end zone in his junior year that was every bit as good as the one you see replayed regularly on TV made by the Southern Cal receiver a few years back. He has good speed, but he's not a burner. The knee injury he battled this season slowed him down some, and I don't think he ever fully regained his speed by season's end.

In terms of sheer talent, he's probably one of the top receivers ever to come out of Hampton Roads. He didn't get some of the postseason accolades he might have otherwise because he missed about half of the regular season due to injury. At The Virginian-Pilot, we made him second-team All-Tidewater simply because we didn't feel it was fair to make him first team over some other kids who had great seasons.

In the regular season, because he missed so much time with the knee injury, he had just 19 catches for 272 yards and four touchdowns. He was first-team All-Tidewater as a junior. I think he's a great pickup for Maryland. I would expect him to have an outstanding career. If he's healthy, I think it's possible he could play as a true freshman. He certainly has the talent.

How big was it for Maryland to get Boykins and fend off the instate schools and some other traditional powers?

Boykins was a nice get for Maryland. Virginia Tech would have loved to have had him. Virginia has not recruited well in-state recently, so I'm not sure if Virginia was ever much of a player for him. Maryland clearly has a good in at Oscar Smith, which is currently the most dominant program in South Hampton Roads. Maryland already has former Oscar Smith star lineman Brian Whitmore on its roster.

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