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Blast 2009-10 schedule

Nov. 13/7:35/Rockford
Nov. 21/7:35/ Philadelphia
Dec. 13/6:05/@Monterrey
Dec. 18/7:35/Philadelphia
Dec. 27/6:05/@Rockford
Dec. 31/3/@Milwaukee
Jan. 8/7:35/Monterrey
Jan. 9/7:35/Milwaukee
Jan. 17/6:05/@Monterrey
Jan. 23/7/@Milwaukee
Jan. 30/7:35/Milwaukee
Feb. 12/7:35/Philadelphia
Feb. 14/6:05/@Monterrey
Feb. 19/7:35/Monterrey
Feb. 21/6:05/@Rockford
Feb. 28/4:05/@Philadelphia
March 5/7:35/Philadelphia
March 6/7:35/Monterrey
March 12/7:35/Rockford
March 21/4:05/@Philadelphia
Note: All times p.m.

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