Baltimore TechBreakfast: Bagels, coffee and startup-ery

Technology blogger extraordinaire

I am no longer a Baltimore TechBreakfast virgin.

This morning, I trekked out of the house early, leaving my wife to fend for herself with our three little kids. I waited in ridiculous downtown Baltimore traffic, but finally made it the headquarters in Locust Point, where BTB was being held. (Here's the Meetup information.)

I got there, unfortunately, at the tail end of EchoPhi's presentation. (Sorry guys. Drop me a line at with a short summary of what you're building, please!)

I watched more presenters give the crowd of about 100 or so pitch their startup ideas: WooFound, DiversiTech, GiveCorps, and Vines To Vino were the others.

All the pitchers were sharp, ambitious and innovative. And they had 100+ people in the community instantly exposed to their ideas.

Very cool to see. The Baltimore tech community has come pretty far in a short period of time. Sure, there are some of us who are never satisfied. We want more: more press, more notoriety, more venture capital, more, more, more...

But it's at events such as TechBreakfast, organized by Ron Schmelzer, an enthusiastic, optimistc hustler with Boston roots (we forgive him), that we're seeing a sense of community really percolating. 

The fact that people are willing to get up early and go to this thing -- 100 people! -- is a major win in and of itself.

Anyhow, those are some rambling thoughts. Take them for what they're worth.


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