Kamenetz suits up for a swim

In the middle of one of those crazy-hectic days running Baltimore County, County Exec Kevin Kamenetz decided to make like a high school kid on senior skip day: He went to the beach.

He didn't have to play hooky for long to take a dip in the water -- in a business suit, as it happens -- since the county has 200 miles of waterfront.

Kamenetz is promoting county beaches in a series of YouTube videos. The county announces the first one, called "Beach Break," Wednesday.

It shows the exec and an aide bolting from their offices and into the water without bothering to change into swim suits. In addition to promoting the county's five beaches, the videos highlight the sense of humor of an ordinarily buttoned-down bureaucrat.

"In true Willie Don mode, the county executive is plunging into the Chesapeake Bay fully clothed," said Chief of Staff Don Mohler. "We didn't go for the 1890s garb. We went for the 1970s 'Saturday Night Fever' look."

Mohler, who has grown tired of my calling a certain Howard County spokesman the funniest guy in government, is sure the comical videos will change my assessment. 

"Kevin Enright," Mohler said, "ball's in your court." 



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