Back to reporting

To the readers,

It's been a fun six months here at the Ridiculous Report, but it's time to sign off. I'm going back to being a full-time reporter focusing on local issues and won't have much time for musings on the various national political items of the day.

That means less time spent on Sarah Palin and Joe Biden jokes, and more time rooting out untold stories in Baltimore.

On the blog, I've done my best to be fair and independent and point out silliness on both the left and the right. We've had some good weeks in terms of web traffic -- close to 100,000 page views some weeks -- but good, old-fashioned reporting is almost always more valuable than punditry, in my opinion.

I'll let you guys know what my beat is in the near future. But for now, keep enjoying b and The Baltimore Sun.

Thanks for reading,


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