At home, Jonathan Ogden expects to work

The Baltimore Sun

Jonathan Ogden is expecting to suit up for his homecoming.

Ogden, who grew up in Washington, said he probably will start at left tackle Sunday against the Washington Redskins after a couple of limited practices due to an ankle injury. He sprained his right ankle Oct. 1 in Cleveland and sat out his first game since 1998 last week.

"I definitely feel a lot better today than I did yesterday," Ogden said after yesterday's practice. "I'm optimistic right now."

The Ravens need Ogden to protect quarterback Tony Banks' blind side against Redskins veteran pass rusher Bruce Smith. Ogden's long arms have caused fits in the past for Smith, who registered two quarterback pressures and no sacks against the Ravens last year.

Ogden, though, has had more problems with his protective brace than the injury recently, and may play without it Sunday.

"He's getting better daily," trainer Bill Tessendorf said. "It was a pretty significant sprain that limited the mobility of his ankle joint."

It will be the second NFL game in his hometown area for Ogden, who was never able to get tickets to a regular-season game while growing up a Redskins fan. But he made it clear that he no longer has any allegiance to the Redskins.

"It's nice going back, but it's not the same Redskins I grew up loving," Ogden said. "None of the other players are there except for Darrell Green who I used to watch. It's not even the same stadium."

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