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Andrea K. McDaniels


Andrea K. McDaniels is an award winning health and medicine reporter at The Baltimore Sun, where she writes about the latest medical advances. She has also covered minority and small business, manufacturing, retail and marketing since coming to the newspaper in 2001. A native of Virginia, McDaniels moved around a lot as a kid. She has lived in Baltimore longer than anywhere else in life. She has a fascination with fitness, diseases, medicine and other health-related topics. An exercise fanatic, she's probably tried just about every fitness activity there is. Her favorites are running, hot yoga and kickboxing. Before coming to The Sun she worked the Charlotte Observer and The New York Times.

Recent Articles

  • More doctors accepting simultaneous knee surgeries
    More doctors accepting simultaneous knee surgeries

    Sandra Lynch tried steroid shots and physical therapy to cure her ailing knees, but finally her doctor said enough: The 62-year-old wedding officiant from Frederick needed surgery to get them both replaced.

  • State sets new health goals
    State sets new health goals

    The state health department Wednesday announced three new goals to help improve the health of Marylanders, including increasing the percentage of adults with a primary care provider and reducing emergency room visits by the uninsured and those with dental problems.