Algerina Perna


Algerina Perna began her career as a photojournalist for The Baltimore Sun in 1987, first as an intern and subsequently as a freelancer before being hired in 1988. She received a Master of Arts in photojournalism from Ohio University in 1992. While most assignments are within Maryland, Perna has traveled to neighboring states as well as Utah, Missouri, New Jersey and New York for the paper. Other photo assignments have taken her to Rome, Moscow and Azerbaijan.

Recent Articles

  • Longwood Gardens Orchid Extravaganza

    Longwood Gardens Orchid Extravaganza

    An explosion of colors, fragrances and designs fill the senses upon entering the Orchid Extravaganza at the Longwood Gardens Conservatory. The sun shines through floor-to-ceiling arched windows, highlighting the intricately shaped orchids. Cascading blossoms across the color spectrum adorn the...

  • Hampden yarn shop stitches together a tight-knit community

    Hampden yarn shop stitches together a tight-knit community

    On a recent Sunday, Lovelyarns store in Hampden bustled nonstop from opening until closing with people browsing, taking classes and just stopping by to spin yarn, knit and chat about all things fiber. Students were learning from instructors; instructors were learning from each other. Melissa Salzman,...

  • Picture This: Timeless Vault

    The vault at Monumental Life Insurance Co. at Charles and Chase streets is one of many antiques in the building. It was built in 1939 for $50,000 and held all the company's assets until 1990, says treasurer Walter Weiss. "The doorwill not close if there is asmuch as a pin on the floor," Weiss says....

  • Edge of zero

    "What wound did ever heal but by degress?" -- William Shakespeare