Medically Supervised Weight Loss


Medically Supervised Weight Loss

with Paul Rivas, MD


2009 Recipient of:

  • America’s Top Physicians- compiled by Consumer Research Council of America 
  • The “Patients’ Choice” tabulated by MDX Medical, Inc. 

Unique program offers safe and effective medication combinations for long-lasting weight loss

Remember when you felt better with more confidence and energy?  You looked good and all of your clothes fit.  Are you ready to welcome back the old you?

When the brain chemistry is properly balanced, you burn off your food as heat energy instead of storing it as fat.

Most overweight people blame their diet or lack of exercise for their condition.  What they don’t know is that their genetics is more to blame than their behavior.  People are pre-disposed genetically to be thin or fat.  If you have the tendency to be overweight, you will store most of what you eat and gaining is easy.  In fact, you don’t have to eat much at all to put on the extra pounds; that’s why diets work so poorly for most people.

Medications work to change brain chemistry and thereby reverse the genetic effects.  You find that you eat less and burn off more with less hunger and cravings.  In combination with more fat burning, your body has little choice but to lose its excess weight.  That’s why we have a 95 percent success rate, safely treating 15,000 people over the past 15 years, and all without a strenuous diet or exercise regimen.  For most people, the side effects are mild and well-tolerated.

Being a little overweight can kill you, according to new research that leaves little room for denial that a few extra pounds are harmful.

Dr. Paul Rivas has been able to divide overweight patients into separate categories according to their particular chemical deficiency.  For instance, if you crave sweets and eat compulsively out of stress or boredom, then you have a serotonin problem.  If you obsess about food, are always hungry or have difficulty getting full, your deficiency is norepinephrine.  When the brain chemistry is properly balanced, patients can achieve a 95 percent success rate.

Dr. Rivas is now using multiple medications and individualizing them according to patient’s needs.  Dr. Rivas’ program is the only program to use these particular combinations for long-lasting and highly satisfying results.

The meds mix well with most other drugs, and most age groups qualify.  Dr. Rivas also treats those with other medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, etc.  Dr. Rivas’ meds are extremely safe and well-tolerated.  All of the medications are ephedrine free.

More affordable than you think

Taking off extra pounds shouldn’t be that hard to do, and Dr. Rivas promises to make it easier.  Thousands have safely lost weight on the unique and individualized program, shouldn’t you?  Also, for the men out there, losing weight isn’t just for women.

According to an AP article in The Sun, “Being a little overweight can kill you, according to new research that leaves little room for denial that a few extra pounds are harmful.”

Think about the relatively low risk of medical intervention compared to the high risk of being overweight.

Dr. Paul Rivas has appeared on Good Morning America, in the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, and he recently appeared on Fox and Friends.  Dr. Rivas has published four well-received books on weight loss and the treatment of obesity.  He is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Medicine and a board certified internist.


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