What is All Digital Access membership?

Our All Digital Access membership provides you with unlimited access to all the content of and with no restrictions, as well as:

  • ✓ iPhone news app
  • ✓ iPad news app
  • ✓ The Baltimore Sun replica edition
  • ✓ Sun Insider membership
  • ✓ Android news app

How do I sign up for All Digital Access membership?

Just go to

What do and offer that differs from The Sun newspaper?

Although our sites and apps feature a lot of content from the print edition, they also offer critical digital-only features including:

  • ✓ Breaking news
  • ✓ Story updates throughout the day
  • ✓ Blogs
  • ✓ Photo galleries
  • ✓ Video
  • ✓ Share tools—the ability to email and post a story to social media websites

You can find a guide to additional digital-only content—including area crime maps and the Ravens Review chart outlining every Ravens game—at

Are there any parts of your sites that are always unlimited?

Yes, quite a few, including:


  • ✓ Home page
  • ✓ Section fronts such as News, Sports, Entertainment
  • ✓ Classified ads such as Jobs, Cars, Homes, Apartments
  • ✓ FindLocal, the events and venues database
  • ✓ Obituaries and death notices
  • ✓ Sun Insider , a program of special opportunities and contests for subscribers
  • ✓
  • ✓ Explore Howard, Explore Harford, Explore Baltimore County & Explore Carroll


  • ✓ Home page
  • ✓ Sports, Business, Opinion, Maryland, National & World, Obituaries and Entertainment & Life section fronts

If you access a page of or content through links on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, it will not count toward our digital subscription meter.

What does a digital membership cost?

Baltimore Sun home delivery subscribers receive All Digital Access for just 99 cents a week, while for non-subscribers it's $3.99 a week. For a limited time, we're offering an introductory rate of 99 cents for the first 4 weeks to all new digital members.

Can I get a digital membership as well as home delivery of The Sun?

Yes. To get digital as well as the Baltimore area's most complete news and information package, special sections, money-saving coupons and other retail advertisements, comics, the New York Times crossword and Parade magazine, email or call 410-332-6807.

Now that I have become an All Digital Access member, I want to use The Baltimore Sun news apps specifically designed for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. How do I do that?

Just go to iTunes or Google Play store and download the free app. When you begin to access the stories displayed in the app, a log-in screen will appear. Enter your email address and Press+ password.

I always read the obituaries and death notices—are they available without limit?

Obituaries, which are articles written by Sun staff, as well as death notices, which appear on pages created by our affiliate partner,, are free to view on at all times for all users.

Why wouldn't I just go to another local news source to get my news?

With more than 100,000 articles, photos, videos and blogs,, and our apps have far more original reporting and news than any other local source. The Sun's news staff is by far the largest in the area, resulting in coverage you can't get anywhere else. If you want the whole story—and you want it first—you need

It's the first of the month. Why don't I have more page views? and each offer a number of free page views every 30 days, beginning with your first day of access; it doesn't correspond to an actual calendar month.

If I refer a Baltimore Sun story to others on a social media network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), will the story count toward the allotment of "free" page views?

No. If someone accesses a Sun story from a social media link, that page view does not count toward the limit on page views allowed. So, feel free to refer as many stories as you would like on your social networks.

Is the popup ''join now'' window a secure URL?

Yes. If you right-click on the window and ''view frame info'' or ''frame source,'' you'll see it's an https URL.

I get email newsletters from Are they impacted?

No. Your email newsletters deliver as usual and only if you click through to will the page limit begin to apply.

If I have a computer at home and a computer at my office, do I need two digital accounts?

No. You can log in using your digital account username and password from wherever you access the Internet.

I run an office. Can all of our employees use the same account?

If your office has fewer than 10 employees, each user should have his or her own digital account. For 10+ employees, site-level pricing is available. If you are interested in site-level licensing, please contact Tim Thomas (410-468-2655,

If I already subscribe to the print version of The Baltimore Sun, do I receive a discount to my digital membership?

Yes. Customers who already subscribe to The Baltimore Sun print edition receive a hefty discount to their online membership, paying just 99 cents a week for an All Digital Access package.

Do eNewspaper subscribers receive the home delivery discount for digital membership?

Yes, everyone who pays for a subscription to our eNewspaper qualifies for the home delivery discount.

I have a subscription to The Baltimore Sun but not for all 7 days. Do I still receive the home delivery discount for digital membership?

Yes, you do. All home delivery subscribers qualify for the discount.

Can everyone in my household use the same account?

Yes, you can use the same account for all your family members.

How do I sign in to my account once I've subscribed?

If you sign up on, you are automatically signed in to as soon as you subscribe. There's no need to do anything else to be signed in on that computer.

To sign in to on another computer:
Go to and click "Sign In" and then click "Sign In" again in the popup window.

To sign in to or apps:
Click or tap into content you wish to view and enter in your email address and Press+ password when prompted.

I purchasesd a monthly subscription to the The Baltimore Sun through iTunes for access to only the iPad or iPhone news app. How do I sign in?
Be sure to click "Existing iOS user" first, then enter your iTunes password. Note: Your device must be logged into the iTunes account that purchased the subscription. .

How are digital memberships billed?

We accept major credit cards. Memberships are billed every ten weeks for subscribers who get home delivery of The Baltimore Sun and every 4 weeks for digital-only members. Your membership renews automatically, and you are charged in advance of each billing cycle unless you cancel. For more information on digital membership accounts, please go to the Account Management FAQ below this general FAQ.

Do you or your vendor provide an invoice for us to pay?

All billing is via credit card, and invoices are not available. However, you will receive advance notice of any price increases through Press+, which is affiliated with the Baltimore Sun as a vendor. If you ordered through an internet link indicating it is powered by Press+, all billing arrangements, queries, requests and cancellations will need to be done through Press +, which handles the billing for any orders placed through Press+.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time by sending an email to or calling 866-717-7377. If you ordered through an Internet link indicating it is powered by Press+, you must cancel by notifying Press+ directly in accordance with their terms and conditions. You may cancel at any time prior to a new subscription period to avoid automatic charges to the credit card you select for payment by calling 866-717-7377. Afterward, you will be able to view a limited number of metered pages every 30 days on and on at no charge, just like any other visitor.

What if I have a question or comment?

Readers can fill out the form at, email us at, call 410-332-6807 or follow @SunDigitalSubs on Twitter.

To sign up for All Digital Access membership, go to

Account Management FAQ

How do I access my digital membership account? To access your account, follow these steps:

  1. Click ''My Account'' at
  2. Log in with your email address and password

What do I do if I forgot my password? To reset your password, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click ''Forgot password''
  3. Enter your email address and click ''Submit.'' This will send you an email with a link to reset your password.
  4. After clicking the link, you will be prompted to enter and reconfirm your new password.
  5. Click ''Submit'' and your password will be updated

How do I modify my payment information? To modify your payment information, follow these steps:

  1. Click ''My Account'' at
  2. On the ''Account Summary'' page, select ''Modify Payment Information''
  3. Confirm that the cardholder name and billing zip code of your credit/debit card are correct
  4. Enter your card number and expiration date
  5. Click ''Submit'' and your payment information will be updated

How do I change my password? To change your password, follow these steps:

  1. Click ''My Account'' at
  2. On the ''Account Summary'' page, select ''Account Settings''
  3. Select ''Edit'' next to the password field
  4. Enter your current password and a new password of your choosing
  5. Click ''Submit'' and your password will be updated

What if I have further questions? Go to or contact Press Plus directly at or 866-717-7377.

To sign up for a digital subscription, go to

I purchased a subscription through iTunes for access to The Baltimore Sun app on my iPad or my iPhone. How do I cancel this subscription?

Apple does not share iTunes customer information with app providers. Here are the instructions for you to cancel the subscription yourself through iTunes:

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