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Baseball power rankings for July 7

Most teams in the majors passed the halfway mark of the season, and with the All-Star Game just over a week away, the best of the best seem to be coming into focus. Over the last week, that hasn't included the Orioles, losers of six of their last eight. How far did they fall in this week's Sports...


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In-depth: Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray coverage


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  • Infrastructure is key to U.S. energy future

    Infrastructure is key to U.S. energy future

    Federal, state and local officials are typically ready to find the money required to fix problems when it comes to highway infrastructure. As a former governor, I know this is good politics. Infrastructure creates jobs, and people appreciate tangible improvements to highways and bridges. Here,...

  • The past that's still with us

    The past that's still with us

    The murder last month of nine black parishioners at a church in Charleston, S.C., allegedly by a young white gunman who posted pictures of himself online with a Confederate flag, prompted a national debate over the meaning of that symbol today. Some whites view the flag as an expression of pride...

  • Missing the point in Baltimore

    Missing the point in Baltimore

    In their book, "Adventures in Missing the Point," Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo contend that limited ways of thinking prevent us from accurately diagnosing our situation, and hence, offering a remedy for our problems. "If global capitalism makes the rich richer and leaves the poor in poverty,...


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