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Taking a look at the Orioles' upcoming series in Toronto

The Orioles will open their three-game series in Toronto tonight coming off a much-needed 11-inning win Wednesday at Camden Yards, ending a six-game losing streak and avoiding being swept by the Tampa Bay Rays at home.


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In-depth: Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray coverage


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  • Five up, five down for Ravens

    Five up, five down for Ravens

    It’s the time of ultimate assessments now — roster cut day — so there will be great football minds making final rulings on the Ravens roster. And then there’s this assessment, which has watched how the players have trended in advance of those big decisions. There wasn’t a ton to go on, but here’s...

  • The strange logic of the Tom Brady "Deflategate" ruling

    The strange logic of the Tom Brady "Deflategate" ruling

    Let's begin with the standard disclaimer that the judge who made Thursday’s ruling in the Tom Brady “Deflategate” case obviously knows way more about the law than I do, but that doesn’t mean that his decision to vacate Brady’s four-game suspension doesn’t strain conventional logic.

  • Asa Jackson is probably Ravens' toughest roster decision

    Asa Jackson is probably Ravens' toughest roster decision

    The next 40 hours or so will be anxious times for the Ravens who happen to be on the roster bubble. Ravens coach John Harbaugh acknowledged that the organization has some tough decisions to make to get its roster down to 53 players by 4 p.m. Saturday.


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  • Mandel's civil rights legacy

    Mandel's civil rights legacy

    I have greatly appreciated the near-universal and thunderous praise bestowed upon former Gov. Marvin Mandel, who died on Sunday at the age of 95. Governor Mandel provided brilliant and visionary leadership during his 10 years as our governor, and many of his achievements, including the reorganization...

  • Shattered lives

    Shattered lives

    The headline over Sunday's report on Baltimore's spike in homicides during the month of July read "45 murders in 31 days." It was a record readers of The Sun were already aware of, but we suspect too many of us viewed it with trepidation but not enough empathy. After so many years of violence,...

  • Post-Freddie Gray, two poles of Baltimore leadership

    Post-Freddie Gray, two poles of Baltimore leadership

    The return of the Freddie Gray case to center stage in Baltimore yesterday offered us personifications of the two poles of our city's experience of the last few months. In former Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, who resurfaced for a panel discussion two months after he was fired, we got a reminder...


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