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Baltimore violence

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Orioles designate outfielder Alejandro De Aza for assignment

In a surprise move, the Orioles have parted ways with veteran outfielder Alejandro De Aza, designating him for assignment Wednesday in order to make roster space for infielder Ryan Flaherty, who was activated from the 15-day disabled list.


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In-depth: Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray coverage


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  • Hogan's softer road

    Hogan's softer road

    Last week, Gov. Larry Hogan essentially wrapped up the 2015 legislative calendar by deciding the fate of some of the more controversial bills passed by the General Assembly earlier this year. While one can debate the merits of some of his individual choices — whether to veto, sign or embrace the...

  • Where it was made matters

    Where it was made matters

    She walked slowly up the aisle, picking up every single blender on the shelf in Sears. Holiday music played joyfully in the background. "It's all made in China," she said, gently returning the box to the shelf. Disappointment flashed across her face as she slowly moved on to the next box.

  • Baltimore is not Cleveland

    Baltimore is not Cleveland

    If there was one incident that was the catalyst for the U.S. Justice Department's investigation of Cleveland police's practices and the consent decree officials announced there, it was a massive display of police force. A car backfired while driving past a police station, and officers, thinking...


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  • Federal probe of Cleveland police a preview for Baltimore

    Federal probe of Cleveland police a preview for Baltimore

    In a scene reminscent of the recent demonstrations in Baltimore, hundreds of protesters flooded Cleveland's streets Saturday to denounce police brutality after a white officer was acquitted of fatally shooting two blacks motorists in 2012.

  • Baltimore police limit requests for surplus military goods

    Baltimore police limit requests for surplus military goods

    When President Barack Obama called last week for limiting a controversial federal program that allows law enforcement agencies to obtain surplus military equipment, he pointedly mentioned the unrest in Baltimore.

  • Baltimore police rarely charged in deaths

    Baltimore police rarely charged in deaths

    Marleta House struggled for years to stop hating the Baltimore police officer who shot and killed her husband in 1999 after mistaking his cellphone for a gun. "I don't hate him now," said House, who lives in Dundalk. "He has to answer to a higher power."