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Baltimore-born Ta-Nehisi Coates makes his case

It's a crisp January evening on the campus of Loyola University Maryland in North Baltimore, and on this holiday honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., a near-capacity crowd awaits the appearance of writer Ta-Nehisi Coates.




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  • Mr. Obama's 529 brouhaha
    Mr. Obama's 529 brouhaha

    Rarely does a president flip-flop on an initiative presented in the State of the Union address as quickly as Barack Obama did this week. He reversed himself on 529 college savings plans on Tuesday, which was just seven days after his speech to the nation. Such a political miscalculation is...

  • Defeating Boko Haram
    Defeating Boko Haram

    The bloody attacks in Paris this month that left 20 people dead, including the three attackers, riveted the world's attention on the growing threat Islamist extremist groups pose to the democracies of Western Europe. Yet even as the French people were mourning their loss, an even more...

  • Realizing a 'Greater' Baltimore
    Realizing a 'Greater' Baltimore

    Though people may describe the region around Baltimore City as "Greater Baltimore," area leaders — from government, business, non-profits and academia — could do more to fully embrace that term and develop the potential it implies. Doing so is a critical component for the...


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  • 191,000 get insurance on state exchange
    191,000 get insurance on state exchange

    Maryland health exchange officials told the Senate Finance Committee of the General Assembly Wednesday that 191,000 people had signed up for public and private insurance during open enrollment, which lasts until Feb. 15.

  • How muscle development differs for women
    How muscle development differs for women

    Women won't likely develop bulky muscles when they work out like many men do, and most probably don't want to, says Dr. Barbara Semakula, sports medicine specialist at Anne Arundel Medical Center. But like men, women benefit from strength training and stretching, even during pregnancy, though...

  • Drugs expensive under plans sold on health exchange, survey finds
    Drugs expensive under plans sold on health exchange, survey finds

    The Affordable Care Act is not so affordable for many Marylanders, according to a new survey.

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