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Community gets last chance to look around shuttered school — and buy a piece of it


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  • Trump can't abandon Iran nuclear deal

    Trump can't abandon Iran nuclear deal

    Against all advice, President Donald Trump is insisting that the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration is so flawed that it should either be revised or scrapped altogether. He’s flat-out wrong, and dangerously so. Never mind that Iran has warned all bets are off if the U.S. pulls...

  • Encouragement for Jackson Bezzant: Don't let bullies define you

    Encouragement for Jackson Bezzant: Don't let bullies define you

    Dear Jackson Bezzant: Hi, my name is Leonard. I read your dad's Facebook post about you and wanted to share some thoughts. When I was your age, I was a shy, skinny kid with thick glasses, couldn't play kickball to save my life, always had my head in a book, lived alone in my own little world. All...

  • Hogan's $9 billion question

    Hogan's $9 billion question

    Two years ago and with much fanfare, Gov. Larry Hogan convinced the Maryland Transportation Authority to lower tolls on Maryland’s highways and bridges to reverse the “downward spiral” of tax increases instituted by his predecessor. This week, Mr. Hogan announced a $9 billion highway widening plan...

  • On health care, which party is 'extreme'?

    On health care, which party is 'extreme'?

    Will the real moderate party please stand up? On the same day that socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced his "Medicare for All" health care plan, Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana introduced a last-ditch effort to sorta-kinda repeal and replace Obamacare....


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