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MLB Power Rankings

You’d think that this early in the season, as small sample sizes even out and standings shift in a matter of days, there would be plenty of movement in these second Sports Blitz Power Rankings. But eight of the 10 teams ranked this week were in the top 10 last week, and many teams stayed static....


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  • A Maryland-style Earth Day pledge
    A Maryland-style Earth Day pledge

    Since 1970, Americans have set aside one day per year, April 22, to rally and make noise on behalf of the environment. First inspired by a California oil spill, Earth Day has always been about calling attention to problems and advocating for action. Much of it has been directed at government —...

  • Cardin, don't tie U.S. hands for Israel
    Cardin, don't tie U.S. hands for Israel

    Putting Israel's interests before America's is something you might expect from Republican politicians these days, especially in recent years as Democratic President Obama has clashed with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But you may not expect such behavior from a leading Democratic...

  • Give Dr. Oz his due
    Give Dr. Oz his due

    A good friend of mine, a superb physician and a mentor, is under attack. I call him by his first name, Mehmet. You probably know him as Dr. Oz.


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