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If umpire Jordan Baker can really read minds, he's in the wrong business

Maybe in some parallel universe, mild-mannered pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez would throw at an opposing hitter while he's pitching a no-hitter. Mind you, it was very early in a possible no-hitter, but you have to think that Jimenez would be too concerned with continuing his comeback from his disappointing...


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  • Schmoke's vindication
    Schmoke's vindication

    When Gov. Larry Hogan's task force on heroin overdose deaths met at the University of Baltimore last week, the panel was greeted by the school's newly installed president, Kurt Schmoke, a former Baltimore mayor with plenty of experience coping with the city's heroin epidemic. More than 20 years...

  • Big pharma should support the NIH
    Big pharma should support the NIH

    Recently at a reception, one of my faculty colleagues at Johns Hopkins expressed concern about her academic future. The pay line for National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants in her field was 7 percent; that means that she has to spend two or three weeks writing a proposal that has only a 7 percent...

  • What Hillary Clinton needs to do to win
    What Hillary Clinton needs to do to win

    In finally declaring her 2016 presidential candidacy, Hillary Clinton put a reverse twist on the old break-up line, "It's not you. It's me." Her pitch, she said, is all about you -- the voters and what you need -- not about me and my ambition to follow my husband into the Oval Office.


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