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Your old landline could get an early retirement

Not since Alexander Graham Bell twisted pairs of wires together in the 1870s has the simple telephone technology that has served Americans for generations — the landline — faced such a threat to its existence.

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  • The NFL is super
    The NFL is super
  • Funding young scientists
    Funding young scientists

    This month, Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels sounded an alarm about the difficulty young science researchers have in obtaining the grant funding that they need to launch their careers. In an article in Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences, he noted that the...

  • A 'role model deficit' for young black men
    A 'role model deficit' for young black men

    Young men may imitate what they do see. They definitely will not imitate what they don't see.


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  • Hogan's first contract rejection
    Hogan's first contract rejection

    At his first Board of Public Works meeting last week, Gov. Larry Hogan refused to endorse an agency's decision to award a contract on an "emergency" basis when Hogan saw no emergency. What was the fuss about?

  • Local government policies on guns vary
    Local government policies on guns vary

    A Harford County councilman who runs a store that sells guns has, at times, carried a firearm into council meetings.

  • Dozens of sponsors donate for Hogan's inaugural gala
    Dozens of sponsors donate for Hogan's inaugural gala

    Tickets for Gov. Larry Hogan's inaugural gala in Baltimore on Wednesday night cost $100, but dozens of local and national groups and companies paid far more to sponsor the festivities.

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